Class RevealEngineInitializer

    • Constructor Detail

      • RevealEngineInitializer

        public RevealEngineInitializer()
    • Method Detail

      • getRevealSdkVersion

        public static String getRevealSdkVersion()
        Get the SDK version being used, this value can be used in a log message or for linking resources like JS files, so they are referenced with a different URL when the SDK is updated, in order to ensure new files are downloaded client side.
        The SDK version being used
      • registerResource

        public static void registerResource​(Class<?> resourceClass)
        Registers a resource class to be used in the JAX-RS application used by Reveal Engine, might be useful to register filters like a CORS filter.
        resourceClass - The resource class to install in the JAX-RS application used by Reveal Engine.
      • getClassesToRegister

        public static Set<Class<?>> getClassesToRegister()
        Returns a set with all JAX-RS resource classes required for Reveal Engine, this might be required to run Reveal inside some containers like Spring Boot.
        A set containing all Reveal JAX-RS resource classes.