Google Drive

If you are signed in with your Google account, you will have your Google Drive automatically added to your data sources:

Google Drive account in your data sources list

To use your Google Drive data, follow the steps below.

  1. Upon selecting your Google Drive (or a folder inside it), you will see the following log in prompt:

    Google Drive Login

    Enter your login credentials and select Next.

  2. For first-time users only, you will see an Authorize dialog, prompting you to give Reveal appropriate permissions so that it can use your Google Drive data.

    Reveal notification for giving permissions to the app

    By clicking Continue, you will be redirected to an authorization prompt:

    Limited permissions request google dialog

  3. Select Allow to authorize Reveal to use (see and download) your Google Drive files.

You can now use your Google Drive data to build your visualizations and will not be asked for these permissions again.

Supported Files

When working within Reveal, you will be able to use a wide variety of files:

  • Spreadsheets & tabular data: Excel (.xls, .xlsx), CSV, TSV, which you can use dynamically within Reveal.

  • Other files (including images or document files such as PDFs, texts, etc.), which will be displayed in a preview mode only.