Upon selecting the Marketo data source, you will see the following screen:

Data source connection configuring screen

Marketo’s REST APIs are authenticated with 2-legged OAuth 2.0, so you need to complete the following information to configure your connection:

  1. URL - paste here the Identity URL you will find in your Marketo Admin panel.
  2. Client ID
  3. Client Secret

Your Admin panel in Marketo contains the authentication elements listed above. For more information on how to find them, check the article about Authentication in Marketo's documentation.

If you need details about how to create the OAuth credentials you need from Marketo to connect, see the article about Custom Services in Marketo's docs.

Setting Up Your Data

After logging in, you can set up your Marketo data in the following dialog:

Setting up the revenue

Activities and Leads objects require you to set two parameters - from and to (dates) to query the data, before you can continue to the Visualization editor. The date range must be no more than 31 days, incl. the first and the last day.


Please, note that you may need to wait up to several minutes until your data from the Activities and Leads objects is loaded in the Visualization Editor.