Reveal SDK Overview

  • Desktop SDK - Reveal Desktop SDK allows you to embed Reveal inside an external (host) Windows application (WPF or WinForms).

  • Web SDK - Reveal Web SDK allows you to embed Reveal inside an external (host) web application. The SDK for embedding the Reveal web viewer includes two components:

    • Reveal Web Client SDK,
    • Reveal Web Server SDK, supported in two different platforms (.NET and JAVA)

When installing Reveal's SDK, you install the .NET Web SDK and Desktop SDK at the same time. The JAVA SDK is distributed as a set of Maven modules.

Main Features

With Reveal SDK, developers can embed Reveal into their applications. And dashboards can be displayed and even modified by end users.

Reveal SDK can be used to integrate Reveal into applications developed in multiple platforms and technologies: Web, Windows WPF, and Windows Forms.

The containing app can use Reveal SDK to:

  • Provide in-memory data to dashboards. If data is already loaded in the containing app there’s no need to store it before opening the dashboard, Reveal can use the built-in InMemory data provider to use that data as the input for the dashboard.
  • Configure the dashboard before it gets rendered, for example changing the name of the database or table to use to get the data based on the current user.
  • Change dashboard filters before the dashboard gets rendered or even while it’s visible. The containing app can use this feature to synchronize filters or selections in the app with the data visualized in the dashboard.
  • Get notified when a data point is selected in the dashboard (like a bar in a chart is clicked), for example to display additional information or trigger an action in the app like navigating to a page with more details.
  • And many other features...