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Data Sources

The Reveal SDK supports over 30 data sources, including analytics tools, content managers, cloud services, CRMs, databases, spreadsheets, and public data sources, with more shipping every month. Data sources define where the data comes from in a dashboard, with each data source having unique properties, like connection strings, user id, password, and more that you set in code to connect to and retrieve data.

The Reveal SDK has two concepts regarding data sources.

  1. A data source - this is the primary source of the data. For example, SQL Server could be a data source
  2. A data source item - this is the specific item that is available from a data source. For example; a specific Table from SQL Server.

Data Sources (Data Stores) and Data Source Items (Data Items) are categorized separately in the Reveal View Select a Data Source dialog.

Installing Data Sources

Before creating data sources for use in the Reveal SDK, you must install the correct package for each data source you wish to use in your Reveal SDK application.

Step 1 - Install the package for the data source you would like to use. To learn which data sources are supported and which packages you must install, refer to the Supported Data Sources section.

Step 2 - After you have installed the data source package, register the data source with the Reveal SDK.

using Reveal.Sdk;
using Reveal.Sdk.Data;

//all data sources use the RegisterXXX naming convention

Supported Data Sources

Use the table below to see which data sources are supported and which packages you must install.

Data SourcePackage
Amazon AthenaNuGet Badge for Amazon Athena
Amazon RedshiftNuGet Badge for Amazon Redshift
Amazon S3NuGet Badge for Amazon S3
BoxNuGet Badge for Box
CSV (Comma Separated Values)Included in SDK
DropboxNuGet Badge for Dropbox
Google Analytics 4NuGet Badge for Google Analytics 4
Google BigQueryNuGet Badge for Google BigQuery
Google DriveNuGet Badge for Google Drive
Google SheetsNuGet Badge for Google Sheets
HubspotNuGet Badge for Hubspot
In-Memory DataIncluded in SDK
JSONIncluded in SDK
MarketoNuGet Badge for Marketo
Microsoft Analysis ServicesNuGet Badge for Microsoft Analysis Services
Microsoft Azure Analysis ServicesNuGet Badge for Microsoft Azure Analysis Services
Microsoft Azure SQL DatabaseNuGet Badge for Microsoft Azure SQL Database
Microsoft Azure Synapse AnalyticsNuGet Badge for Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics
Microsoft Dynamics CRMNuGet Badge for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft ExcelIncluded in SDK
Microsoft OneDriveNuGet Badge for Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS)NuGet Badge for Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS)
Microsoft SharePointNuGet Badge for Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft SQL ServerNuGet Badge for Microsoft SQL Server
MySQLNuGet Badge for MySQL
OData FeedIncluded in SDK
OracleNuGet Badge for Oracle
PostgreSQLNuGet Badge for PostgreSQL
QuickbooksNuGet Badge for Quickbooks
RESTIncluded in SDK
SnowflakeNuGet Badge for Snowflake
SybaseNuGet Badge for Sybase
TSV (Tab Separated Values)Included in SDK

Included in SDK - there is not a separate package to install for this data source. The data source ships with the Reveal SDK.