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Release Notes

1.4.0 (Feb-2023)

Breaking Changes

  • Category Charts have a new look & feel. The old L&F is deprecated but if needed for whatever reason, they're can be restored by doing revealSdkSettings.enableNewCharts = false.
  • Subtitles for Data Source Items are no longer autogenerated. Only the Subtitle property is considered.

New Features

  • New API onFieldsInitializing that makes it possible to customize the list of fields shown in the visualization editor, by removing, renaming or reordering fields. Usage example:
revealView.onFieldsInitializing = function (args) {
args.fields = args.fields.filter(f => !["Avg.CPC", "Avg. CPC"].some(e => e ==;
  • BigQuery, Snowflake and Athena now support the CustomQuery property
  • Snowflake - Allow setting Warehouse property from sdk

Bug Fixes

  • When trying to join a third dataset the app freezes
  • Inconsistent time part for dates sent in the range parameter of onDateFilterChanged
  • Inconsistent day shown in the global filter range selector, when using 'Today' or 'Yesterday' two different days were displayed.
  • Data blending editor doesn't show the field used for joining when that field comes from a previous data blending.
  • RVSnowflakeDataSourceItem Does Not Work

1.3.1 (Jan-2023)


  • The Reveal.Sdk.Wpf.Trial nuget package has been deprecated and is no longer updated.
  • The new Reveal.Sdk.Wpf nuget package is now available on, and will work as both a Trial and Licensed version. To unlock the Trial, set the license key in the SDK.
  • The license key is now set in the RevealSdkSettings of the Reveal SDK (previously, this was done in the installer). Here's how to set it:
RevealSdkSettings.License = "XYZ123";

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue: when creating a REST datasource using parameters. If the back button was pressed, values were already populated but they were not really applied.
  • Fixed issue: Dashboard filter list of available values was always refreshed when opening a dashboard, no matter what expiration setting was set.
  • Fixed issue: Dashboard filter expiration value was not saved.
  • Fixed issue: Dashboard horizontal filter lost when maximizing and then restoring.
  • Fixed issue: the kebab menu in the dashboard view was not reachable using the keyboard (tab).
  • Fixed issue: Dashboard linking stops working after selecting a dashboard filter in the linked visualization.
  • Fixed issue: Wrong value shown for Scatter Map mouseover tooltip.
  • Fixed issue: Cancelling the MenuOpening event didn't really cancel.
  • Fixed issue: In ChangeDataSourceItemAsync method, the userContext parameter was coming with null value.

1.3.0 (Nov-2022)

New Features

  • New Data Source: Google Analytics 4.
  • Interactive Dashboard Filtering: Filter all visualizations using the same data source by clicking on a chart or pivot table data point. Enable with: revealView.interactiveFilteringEnabled = true.
  • New function 'DateDiff' for calculated fields.
  • Customization of the export path can now be achieved by using the DefaultExportPath property found in RevealSdkSettings

Bug Fixes

  • Fix error when filtering boolean values in Postgres & Redshift ("operator does not exist")
  • Removed new http header 'XRID' that was accidentally added in v1.2.3 and was causing issues with CORS.