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Known Issues


  • When using data providers that access a web resource; JSON, CSV, Excel, images, etc. These create .tmp files in the OS temp directory. As of the current release these are not removed or handled by our internal download cache. Because of this you may need to implement a scheduled removal to clear disk space usage.

Exporting on Linux ARM64 for Node

Grid Row Paging (Beta)

  • Paging is supported in the following providers: SQL Server, MySQL, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, SyBase, Athena, and Oracle.
  • Providers that support stored procedures will have grid paging disabled when a stored procedure is selected as these can't be queried like tables to return a range of rows.
  • Paging is not available when processing data on server is false, as well as when using blended data.
  • Client sorting is not fully supported and using this functionality will only sort the current page.

Headless Export

  • Headless export in Node.js SDK is not available for Linux/MacOSX
  • Headless export fails if DocumentExportOptions is used. Please use the format-specific classes instead (e.g. PdfExportOptions).

Headless Export - Global Filters

  • XMLA filters are not currently supported in ASP.NET
  • Global filters for Node.js are not currently supported


  • When using the NuGet package, the watermark is still displayed after licensing the Reveal SDK (entering a valid key in the SDK installer). As a workaround, you can uninstall the NuGet package from the project, clear the NuGet’s cache, and install the package again. In the case that you don’t want to clear all NuGet’s cache, you can lookup the location of that cache and clear only the Infragistics Reveal items. The location depends on the NuGet version and whether packages.config or PackageReference is used.

MacOS ARM64 Support (Beta)

  • There may be locale issues depending on the machine's configuration (e.g. 9,5 vs 9.5)

MongoDB Connector

  • Blending by a calculated field using the currentTimeZone function fails
  • Blending by a calculated field referencing the _id column fails
  • The concatenate function does not implicitly cast to string the parameters, which might produce errors when evaluating non-string column references / functions
  • A pivot with no fields in row, but one or more dimensions in columns will not produce any rows in the pivot
  • Embeddings are not supported; however, single-valued embeddings are
  • MongoDB version greater than or equal to v5.0 is supported
  • Fields with a dot (".") or a dollar sign ("$") in their names are ignored. Most cases require special treatment: Dot & Dollar Considerations
  • Filtering by a field of type ObjectId
  • When performing a sum that includes null in MongoDB, the result is 0, not null as in SQL server